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Pop-up Blocker Software
Unfortunately, SPAM and Pop-up Ads have made the Internet experience a little more difficult for all of us.  Some of the tools that are designed to help fight Pop-up Ads and SPAM can interfere with the normal operation of valid web-based programs.  This page will help you diagnose potential problems and help you configure your Pop-Up Blocker software so it doesn't interfere with your K-Book training.

If the link you use to launch the course opens a blank Internet Explorer window but you do not get a login dialog box, or if nothing happens when you click the Launch Course button after you enter your Company Code and Login information in the My Courses Login box at,  then it is almost certain that Pop-up Blocker Software is interfering.  Pop-up Blockers are now built-in to internet Explorer 6.0 and are part of many add-in toolbars such as Yahoo, Google and MSN toolbars.  Norton Internet Security and McAffee Internet Suite also include Pop-up Blockers. 

If you have a pop-up blocker installed you must add as a permitted domain or temporarily disable the pop-up blocker in order to run the K-Book courses.

The following links provide instructions for dealing with some of the more common pop-up blocker programs.  Before diagnosing pop-up blocker issues you may want to double-check to make sure that the course window didn't open behind another window already open on your desktop.

            Configuring the Google Toolbar Pop-up Blocker

            Configuring the Yahoo Toolbar Pop-up Blocker

If you are still having problems with pop-up blocker software or are unsure how to configure it properly please contact your system administrator or the Pop-Up Blocker software provider.

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